Thanksgiving 2012 in the Vail Valley

It was a perfect weekend to visit my brother Ryan and his family in Edwards, Colorado.  My parents drove up from Crested Butte and it was a happy family celebration.

After coming in the night before and all of us going out to dinner..<best ribs ever> It was , of course,  Thanksgiving day. Everyone contributed…. it was way too much food..not sure why but I only took pictures of the first and last things we ate???.are we starting to see a trend?lol no wonder I need to start going to the gym!

MY favorite appetizer is the goat cheese smothered in cranberries…too.die.for PEOPLE!


Marc and Reed helped make the Cheese ball pretzel Turkey..thanks to Grandma for bringing all of the supplies…

Isn’t that cute? It was yummy too..felt kind of sad demolishing him but hey…he goes on forever in our pics..right?!LOL


of course next we go right to the pies..

So usually we bake our own but with everyone traveling in..we ordered the pumpkin and the apple from the french bakery…pretty tasty..then the pecan pie was made by my brothers nanny Tirsa.. She was wanting to contribute something too… She is from the Netherlands and is soo sweet…It was fun getting to know her and She and Amanda hit it off right fun!

A view from the dining room window…Colorado is so beautiful and peaceful..a perfect get away..I feel so refreshed!

The guys went for a mountain bike ride..(we were inside cooking)

The boys hung out outside…fun day for everyone…(we were inside cooking)lol

The best way to the end Thanksgiving day 2012 is to take a family walk outside in the fresh mountain air….PERFECT!! (we were finally done cooking HA HA HA)


  1. How special! i wish i was there with you :)

    • It was fun!!!.. Could take a pass on the long drive but everyone was in such a good mood the trip went fast!!! I give major kudos to the kids( and hubby lol).. They didn’t complain at all so I came away from the trip refreshed!!

  2. Looks like everyone had a fun time. The first pic is beautiful! Also, what delicious food—I shouldn’t read posts with food pics when I’m hungry! 😉

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